Our Services


With over 26 years in law enforcement and 15 years in digital forensics experience we can recommend solutions to identify bad actors.

Data Collection

We will work with you to identify devices where evidence exists or should exist and use the appropriate methodologies and tools to collect digital evidence forensically.  DA Forensics is able to obtain digital evidence from the following devices: computers, servers, routers, cloud storage, vehicles and mobile phones. 

Data Analysis

At the beginning of an investigation, questions are asked to determine who could have done what, when, where, how and why.  DA Forensics has the experience and technology to analyze the digital evidence and answer these questions.  We will always work with you to develop a methodology that will ensure the retrieval of the necessary evidence.  


At the conclusion of the examination or when requested, DA Forensics will prepare a report to support its findings.  We will coordinate with you and your counsel to ensure that the written reports comply with all applicable legal standards.    

Employee Monitoring Solutions

We have partnered with Veriato to offer computer monitoring solutions.  DA Forensics employees will recommend and install software on your company's PC, MAC or Android, to allow the software to film all on screen activity, and store the data securely for later review.  The Veriato software lets you record and track all of your employees' activity and could alert or indicate activity that is consistent with an insider threat.